#4 in Fantasy

amazon-kindle-logoAs of 8:00 a.m. this morning, in the Amazon store, Servant is:

  • The #4 fantasy book in the whole store.
  • #1 in epic fantasy
  • #2 in historical fantasy
  • #1 in sword & sorcery
  • #2 in coming of age

Nook just has a Sci-Fi & Fantasy category. It’s #2 there.

Of all the books sold in either store, it’s #91 on Amazon and #23 on Nook.

We luvs BookBub, Precious.

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4 Responses to #4 in Fantasy

  1. PeteD says:

    Awesome! Are you seeing an uptick in the rankings for your other books?

    • John Brown says:

      Yes, the sales of Servant has lifted the sales of Curse and Raveler, but I expect it will take a few weeks to get the full effect because it will take folks that long to get around to reading their copy of Servant.

      I’m probably going to keep Servant priced low for the next few months to see how well the sampler strategy works to move readers through the series.

      I don’t think there’s been much crossover to Bad Penny, but we’ll see how that goes. I put a preview in the back of each of the Dark God books. I expect that will have some good effect. I plan on putting a similar preview in the back of Bad Penny for Servant for the thriller readers who also cross over into epic fantasy.

  2. Awesome news, John! Happy to see the promotion is having an impact. BTW, all three Dark Gods novels plus Bad Penny are in my virtual to-read pile. Looking forward to each!

    • John Brown says:

      Geez, too bad I don’t have a 100 books. You’re an easy sell. (grin)

      Hope they bring you many hours of pleasure.