Amazon, a Reader, & SERVANT

Holy smokes! I just saw that Amazon put SERVANT on sale. I don’t know when this started, but they have the mass market paperback listed for $1.75. That’s cheaper than I can buy it! 

Maybe the Dark God had something to do with it . . .

Something else of note happened this week. I often get emails from readers expressing how much they enjoyed SERVANT and asking questions about the story. I simply love receiving those emails. What author wouldn’t? One email in particular this week, though, especially pleased me. You can see the review the reader wrote here:, but there was one thing the reader wrote in his email to me that wasn’t in the review that make me exclaim “Yes!”

One thing I didn’t squeeze into the review was how much I enjoyed the little details–names of farm implements, invented words like dreadmen, terminology for the parts of the ship, etc.  It all added to the suspension of disbelief factor very nicely.

Finding and adding those details were one of the things I loved about writing SERVANT.  I’m so happy to hear they paid off. I don’t think all readers will notice them. In fact, I hope they don’t. But it’s clear they’re doing their part to make the experience work for a lot of folks. And that makes me happy.

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