5 Responses to And Bad Penny is now available in audio

  1. Truman Jensen says:

    🙁 no whisper sync

    • John Brown says:

      Hum. I’ll look into that.

    • John Brown says:

      Here’s Amazon’s statement on it.

      When will my Audiobook be enabled with Whispersync for Voice?

      Audible attempts to sync all eligible books as they become available, usually this is approximately 30 business days after the title releases. Normal processing times vary, and titles that fail to pass our sync quality standards experience longer processing times while we investigate the issue.

      Once your eligible title goes live it will be added to the queue of titles awaiting processing, in which we sync the matching Kindle book to your Audiobook. There are a number of reasons why your title may not already be enabled, including but not limited to technical challenges and discrepancies between the Kindle and Audiobook content.

  2. Steve says:

    Yoo Hoo! Checked the sample @ audible -you are spot on: Mr. Naramore has a great reading style and voice; very engaging. I was sold. So i immediately got the book.

    ** The terrific reviews didn’t hurt any 🙂

    As i’ve not read Bad Penny yet, I am looking forward to a great story -read to me- during breaks, lunch, at night, etc.

    Thanks for continuing to keep us up-to-date re progress during this journey, John. Regards.