Audio book is on the way

This last week I listened to the reading of Bad Penny by Mikael Naramore on our trip down and back to Panguitch (and the forest fire from hell) and then later here at the house and was so happy I hooked up with Naramore. He’s done a wonderful job. He nailed the voices of Frank, Sam, Pinto, Carmen, Ed (ye slimy villain), and all the rest and delivered excellent sound. And the process was so easy.

Right now ACX is doing its quality control on the production. When they clear it, it will be posted for sale on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

I’m very excited to bring Frank to the audio market. I think he and Naramore are going to please a lot of listeners.

Here’s the final cover for the audio book.


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2 Responses to Audio book is on the way

  1. Steve says:

    As always, enjoy your slices of life, John. Thanks for the info regarding some films i knew, and mostly, several i had only vaguely heard about -or not at all.

    Congrats on Bad Penny audio -can’t wait till its released.

    To you and yours, be well. Enjoy the summer.