Audio production of “Loose in the Wires”!

starshipsofa-logoEarlier this year, Gary Dowell, an editor at Tony C. Smith’s District of Wonders contacted me, wanting to know if they could make an audio production of “From the Clay of His Heart”. I was, of course, delighted. Smith’s podcasts include the Hugo Award-winning Starship Sofa.

During our conversation, I suggested that if they were looking for a shorter contemporary fantasy with some more humor, they might also want to consider “Loose in the Wires”.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing that story.

It all started with one sentence.

I was generating ideas, brainstorming, and out popped this line: “Bill had two African gods in a Smucker’s jelly jar in his trunk.”

That was the trunk of his car. And these were, of course, live gods. But what would fit in Smucker’s jar? How did they get there? What would they do? And what was going to happen with Bill?

I loved the sound of that line, the image, the situation, but one snippet of an idea is not enough to build a story. I toyed around with the idea now and again. And then years later I was listening to O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton. The voice of one of the characters was exactly what I needed. He was all hick. And as soon as I decided that’s what my character would be, the story began to hum with electricity. Very soon after that, I finished it. Orson Card published it in the debut issue of Intergalatic Medicine Show.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make an audio production, but just haven’t had the time. Well, District of Wonders decided to pick that one up too.

The audio production of “Loose in the Wires” will be featured in their upcoming February, 17th episode.

I’m told the production of “From the Clay of His Heart” should be done soon. I’ll let you know the date it will be available as soon as it’s scheduled.

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2 Responses to Audio production of “Loose in the Wires”!

  1. I’m the audio engineer for Far Fetched Fables ( “Loose in the Wires” will be run on Far Fetched Fables – a District of Wonders podcast – episode 44 on February 17, 2015. I’ve just finished listening to the audio production and it sounds fantastic!

    Thank you John Brown for letting us run this fun story!