Awful Intent #33 of Top 100 on Amazon

Today Awful Intent went on sale and is currently ranked #33 in the whole Kindle store. You can enlarge the screenshot below. Nice to be on a list with Harry Potter and James Patterson 🙂 To see it in it’s full glory, click on the screen shot, then click it again to zoom.


Edit 8/21/16: And it looks like its #5 in the Nook store.


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6 Responses to Awful Intent #33 of Top 100 on Amazon

  1. Lesli says:

    I’m couldn’t be more thrilled!
    You really are The Man!

  2. John Brown says:


  3. The Captain says:

    Huzzah !! Can’t wait for “Gray Hat” (Frank Shaw #3).

    Get cracking !! 🙂

  4. Fred says:

    Congratulations on your success!

    I love your advice in your website’s “On Writing” section.

    Thanks for caring about aspiring writers and I hope you get much more success.

  5. S. McKee says:

    Hello, Mr. Brown

    When I read BAD PENNY I liked it and the imperfect character of Frank Shaw. It was enough to entice me to read AWFUL INTENT and Wow! I am looking forward to Gray Hat and getting a bit more of Mr. Shaw. Having some knowledge of the country that ‘Intent’ takes place in, I was taken back into my own memories a bit as I traversed it again with Mr. Shaw and ‘saw it through his eyes’. (Although, I will have to admit my sojourn through the region would not measure up to his experience.)

    I am very pleased you have more of Mr. Shaw coming down the pike. I will be looking forward to his arrival.

    S. McKee