Awful Intent: sheep block busted

SheepOnTheRoadSometimes the writing flows. And sometimes you get to the chapter you’ve sketched and realize you’re stuck until you get the sheep off the road.

You had no idea they were going to be there, but there they are, bringing you to a halt.

For me, this means I have got to do a lot more thinking to make the scene work realistically. Or work at all.

That was chapter 13.

It stopped me dead in my tracks. Some folks say to write on, get the first draft done, but that isn’t how my brain works.

Besides, I tried that strategy with my first draft of Curse. I ignored the little Spideysense warnings I had about a fundamental situation and wrote on. I ended up with a big old honking manuscript that had to be rewritten from almost the beginning because everything from about 1/3rd the way through had taken the wrong trajectory. So instead of taking 10 hours to figure it out and fix it, I spent 300-400 rewriting.

That’s called stupid writing.

So for the last ten writing sessions I was researching and thinking and researching. And when I finally had a sketch based on how things actually work, I went back into flow and wrote the chapter without much trouble at all.


Chapter 14 looks like it will be quick and easy. Some sneaking, some fighting, and a big discovery of a plot turn.

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  1. Rick H says:

    Huzzah, indeed!