Awful Intent Update: Chapter 26

I have now moved from the struggle into the resolution. It’s all down hill from here.  I expect the novel to be 70-80k words. The shortest novel I’ve written yet. But I always seem to add on most of my revisions. I hope to keep it shorter, but we’ll see.

Now you may ask, hey, how does that compare with other thrillers? Well, here are the lengths of a few of James Patterson’s.

Title Words
Honeymoon 65,572
4th of July 68,000
Lifeguard 71,634
Mary, Mary 72,426
Judge and Jury 74,288
Doublecross 70,753

And here are some more by some other authors.

Author Title Words
Lee Child Gone Tomorrow 146,000
Lee Child One Shot 124,000
Lee Child Killing Floor 162,000
Lee Child Persuader 164,000
Michael Connelly The Brass Verdict 145,000
Ridley Pearson Cut and Run 114,000
Robert Crais The Watchman 82,000
Robert Crais Taken 84,000
Robert Crais The First Rule 76,000
Robert Crais The Sentry 82,000
Brad Thor Full Black 117,000
Brad Thor Athena Project 102,000
Dean Koontz The Good Guy 93,000
Dean Koontz The Husband 94,000
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