Bad Penny is here!

BadPennyEbookCoverBoom, baby! Today is thriller day.

Frank’s an ex-con, trying to go straight. Then an old cell mate shows up and . . . let’s just say things go downhill from there. Throw in a Mormon, some drug lords, and a good helping of guns, and, man, was this book a blast to write!

You might be interested to know that this story was inspired by a fine old brother in my church in Ohio who was one of those salt-of-the-earth folks who also happened to have been at one time a bank robber.

When he got out of prison, he determined his life would change. He married a good Methodist girl he met at a church dance, went into the laundry business, and never looked back.

It was my privilege to record his life history. Not a single event or detail in the book is about him. But I can tell you that his story deserves a book. Hopefully, my character Frank ends up doing as well in life as he did.

The new release sale will run this week only. Same great prices as the last time.  Get ’em now while they’re hot.

Bad Penny – eBook (Amazon)

Bad Penny – Trade Paper (Amazon)

Hey, John! What about iTunes, Nook, Kobo, etc?

I’ve been working the last two weeks like a freaking elf from the North Pole trying to get these distribution channels set up, but the holidays seem to have stretched out the channel lead times.

So here’s what you do: email me right now (click on my face in the sidebar) and tell me which platform you’re interested in. When the book goes live on that platform (and that should be soon), I will set it at the new release price and email you with the news. It’s that easy.

See how good I am to you? (grin)

A Holiday Side Note

If you’re lying around on the 24th and don’t know what to do get the holiday spirit, please watch Merry Madagascar. It’s short, you’ll have a good time, and if you’re not already a King Julien fan, you will be.

Have an awesome Christmas!



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2 Responses to Bad Penny is here!

  1. wasatchdan says:

    Got it today, read it today. You do some great work, John. More than met my expectations. I can’t wait for the next one. I posted a review on Amazon. Hope I did the book justice.

    Thanks for making my Christmas so enjoyable.

  2. John Brown says:


    That is such good news to my ears (or eyes, seeing I’m reading this). I am so happy the book was a match. And I will also say that I’m flattered by the comparison to Koontz. I love, LOVE, his thriller The Good Guy. Enjoyed the heck out of The Husband. Thank you so much for posting the review and coming here to let me know.

    Glad to know I helped give your heart a workout on day reserved for lying about.