netherlandsSo I lived for almost two years in the Netherlands and Belgium and learned the Dutch language, which is full of delights. Today’s delight is billenkoek.

Now koek means cake. A koekje (small cake) is a cookie. Boterkoek is butter cake, this delicious sweet, to-die-for Dutch version of shortbread.

So what does billen mean?

Back in the day when I’d visit various Dutchies (the people, not political territories), they’d always ask if I was thirsty. And very frequently when I’d ask for water, someone would say, “Water? The frogs wash their billen in that.”

Billen means bum as in behind, butt, buttocks. Bil is singular, one half of the full billen, if you will.

So what do you think a billenkoek is?

No, not that.

It’s a spanking.

“Honey, you’ll clean the dishes, or you’re going to get a little bum cake. What will it be?”

Gotta love the Dutch.

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2 Responses to Billenkoek

  1. Hazel says:

    lieve John…..

    Ja …als je billenkoek krijgt omdat je iets stouts hebt gedaan…dan ben je echt de ,,sigaar,,!!
    Nederlands is een vreemde taal…vind ikzelf.
    Al die gezegdes en spreekwoorden….word er helemaal gek van….help!

  2. Ach! Nooit ‘billenkoek’ gehad.