Binge read

“When you are really and seriously stuck and you hate everything you’ve written, BINGE READ.”

That’s from super author Maya Lassiter. If you recall, she did a great guest post here on her creative process. I love this technique for getting unstuck. When you binge read (or watch), not only do you see other options that you might take and adapt for your purposes, but those other options also spark whole new ideas.

I just used this with the battle I’m writing for Curse. I wasn’t to the hate stage; I actually liked what I had. But I didn’t quite know how to get it to where I wanted it to be. So I decided to read some books by one of the masters of historical battle.

I binge read and listened.

And enjoyed the heck out of both the reading and the ideas I gleaned for my sequence.

Binge read.

It’s an awesome creative technique.

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