Book Release Schedule

The artists were the wild cards with my delivery schedule. Now that I’ve secured the artist for all three books I want to release this fall, I can finally give some target dates. Here’s the schedule:

  1. SERVANT (The Dark God book 1) — last week of September, 2013
  2. BAD PENNY (a Frank Shaw novel) — first week of October, 2013
  3. CURSE (The Dark God book 2) — first week of  November, 2013 (I’d like to make it Halloween for the fun of it, but we’ll see)
  4. AWFUL INTENT (a Frank Shaw novel) — June, 2014
  5. GLORY (The Dark God book 3) — March, 2015

I want to get GLORY out sooner, but it’s going to be a big book, and I’m not going to rush the editing phase. I don’t want to release shoddy work. Furthermore, it’s almost the size of two normal 100,000k novels. I hope to significantly accelerate the schedules for both AWFUL INTENT and GLORY, but we’ll have to see if I can make the necessary arrangements.

After GLORY, I will publish another Frank Shaw novel. And then I begin the LORD OF BONES epic fantasy series which is going to be structured differently that much of what’s out there. The concept excites me and allows me to take the story in all sorts of directions. It’s going to be a blast.

Can’t wait to get these books out there and let them find their audience. Thanks to all of you who have hung with me, sending me emails or posting comments of support. It’s much appreciated!

EDIT: I keep the release schedule up-to-date on the Calendar page.

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4 Responses to Book Release Schedule

  1. ghosttie says:

    So will The new version of Servant be sufficiently different from the originally released one that I need to buy it again?

  2. John Brown says:


    No, but if you plan on re-reading, you will want to reveiw the new version because I will reveal something in the ending that I had to clip short. It will cast Purity’s story in a new light. I’m not adding pages or chapters. It’s not a new story. But it’s an important little twist. Furthermore, the whole novel will be better told, not only because of the resequencing of the first 8 chapters, but also because I’m making revisions on almost every page.

    I toyed with the idea of making a PDF of the ending for earlier readers, but I don’t want that floating around acting as a spoiler to readers new to the series.

    The good news is that I’ll probably do a one- or two-day free or 99 cent ebook sale for readers like you. I’ll also have the trade paperback at cost. After the first week or so, everything will go back up to full price, although I might do some special promotions later.

  3. Jared says:

    Excited to read “Servant” again!

  4. Ben says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!