Boom! Bad Penny revision 2 is finished

The revision took a total of 60 hours. The book is now pushing 100k.  So it’s out to Lovely Agent and beta readers. I have to say I had a blast with this book.

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4 Responses to Boom! Bad Penny revision 2 is finished

  1. JohnW says:

    Is “Lovely Agent” different from “Super Agent Caitlin” who is holding up Curse of a Dark God? Next month, it will be a year since you finished it, right?

  2. John Brown says:

    They are the same, and Super Lovely Agent hasn’t held anything up. These delays were at the publisher. However, I do have some good news. The problem is I’m going to have to wait until everything is finalized to share it.

  3. JohnW says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to blame the wrong party. But as you say, you haven’t given us much information to work with!

  4. John Brown says:

    I know!