Good Stuff! Those looking to seal their asphalt in Ogden, Logan, and Bear Lake areas


Folks with asphalt driveways and parking areas, I have something you’ll be interested in. I have a nice long driveway, about 5,500 square feet of asphalt. We hadn’t touched it since 2005 when it was installed. But asphalt doesn’t last forever. If it’s not periodically sealed, it weathers and cracks, and then the water gets

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Good Stuff! The winning Lady Rebels and Lady Tigers


Cody Lundgren, Jesse Calder, and Louie Stewart led our Lady Rebel basketball team to a 10- 10 record in the regular season and a 2-2 performance at the state tournament that earned our girls second place in our region and sixth at state. It’s interesting that the wins and losses were split right down the

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Good Stuff! Mr. Holmes and 13 Hours, the book


Earlier this month I watched Mr. Holmes. It left me with this fine peace. With this feeling of goodness and light, in spite of, or probably because of, a number of poignant moments. It also surprised me. To write a story like this, to give people this kind of gift… What a wonderful, powerful thing.

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Blindingly white and female!


The Guardian just published a report of a survey taken of 34 American book publishers and found that 79% of staff are white and 78% female. Or as The Guardian put it “blindingly white and female” as if it’s some kind of horror show.  The rest of the article bemoans the lack of diversity in publishing

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