Good Stuff! Mr. Holmes and 13 Hours, the book


Earlier this month I watched Mr. Holmes. It left me with this fine peace. With this feeling of goodness and light, in spite of, or probably because of, a number of poignant moments. It also surprised me. To write a story like this, to give people this kind of gift… What a wonderful, powerful thing.

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Good Stuff! Simply Three


The joy of music. Pure, unadulterated joy–this is what I recently stumbled across on YouTube. I was watching the The Piano Guys and thought I saw something new from them. I clicked, but it wasn’t The Piano Guys. It was Simply Three doing a cover version of the popular “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. For

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Good Stuff! McDonald’s? Really?


I can’t remember the last time I emoted over hamburgers. Yeah, I’ve been to Smash Burger (way overpriced) and Five Guys (good) and Carl’s Jr. (no scantily clad women to be seen; talk about issues with truth in advertising), In-and-Out (what’s the appeal?), and a hundred other chains and non-chains. Burgers were burgers. Big whoop.

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Good Stuff! 3 Books to Introduce You to the Middle East

The Crisis of Islam by Bernard Lewis

ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran. What drives these groups? What are they really about? Why is there so much religious strife in the Middle East? For that matter, what is Islam actually about? Is the religion really defined by these violent actors, or are they just the most visible because they’re what’s

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