Good Stuff! Brown Bananas, Peerless, and Cinderella


I’ve solved the banana bane. The banana bane is this. You buy bananas, and the next day they’ve got freckles. Nobody likes freckled bananas, so everyone leaves them on the counter, thinking that someone else in the family must be a freckled banana fan. But nobody is a freckled banana fan, which means a few

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What you need as a storyteller


One of the most important things I ever learned about telling stories was in Orson Card’s weeklong boot camp where we “workshopped” stories by doing zero workshopping. Zero critiques. In fact, critiques were verboten. Instead, Card asked us to simply provide a report of what he called the three grunts a reader makes when things

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Good Stuff! 2 Sauces You Don’t Want to Miss


What have the Dutch got that we ain’t got? Well, besides signs like this. Which is frequently accompanied by the words “Geen Honden Poep Op De Stoep”(no dog poop on the sidewalk). I’ll tell you what they have—easy access to sambal oelek (SAHM-bal OO-lek). Sambal oelek is Indonesian for “dang good chili paste.” And why

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Good Stuff! Science as Storytelling


I know the word ‘atheist’ presumes a lot, but it’s just an easier way of describing someone with a rational mind. Joe Konrath, a self-avowed atheist, awesome fighter for authors, and leader in the indie author movement, said that almost a year ago in his Konrants post. My response then was the same as it

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