Cinefour theaters & the pricer

I think I could write a horror novel about some dollar movie theaters. The unsuspecting movie goers are lured in. They blindly walk into the theater and take a seat, but, no! When they sit down, they find they’re trapped, their feet glued to the sticky soda floor. The doors close behind them. Outside the theater a man walking by thinks he hears screams. He pauses, alarmed. Those sound like REAL screams, people dying? But no, he thinks, it’s just a movie theater, just a scary movie, and he walks away. Moments later blood begins to seep out from underneath the theater’s exit door.

Too gruesome? Okay, how about this. You go in, swim through a sea of popcorn to your seat only to find that all the seats flop back and leave you staring at the ceiling. This means that while you could listen to the movie, you actually have to crane your neck forward for two hours to see it. By the time the ending credits roll, you can’t walk. Instead, you have to hobble out like a troll. When you finally reach the exit, you swear you can hear the theater owner cackling. A man in a doctor’s coat shows up and slips the owner a manila envelope full of cash. Suddenly, it all becomes clear—it’s not a theater but a medical scam perpetrated by those who sell orthopedic suits and chiropractics. Mwuhahahaha!

So you can see why the dollar theater dread fell upon me when I went up to the ticket counter at Logan, Utah’s Cinefour theaters and found out the tickets were only $3 each. Sweat began to bead on my brow. I looked around for signs of monster cockroaches that might carry me and my family away to feed to their young, but, to my surprise, the theater was, well, clean. When we entered, we found no sea of trash. No sticky floor. And the seats didn’t flop back into the dentist chair position (unlike another theater on the other side of the street). They actually supported our backs nicely.

We sat in the dimly lit theater like the old days when you didn’t watch a steady stream of commercials. We chatted. Then the previews started up, the film ran, and nobody came out to murder us. It was great.

Cinefour. Cheap movies. Nice little theaters. You can take the whole family out and still have money left over to buy a sink at Angie’s.


If you love books as much as I do, you can easily spend your mortgage on them. Which is why libraries are so very nice. But even though libraries are great, there are still some books I want to own. One of the fab things about the internet is that it allows lots of companies and individuals to sell new and previously read (but in great condition) books for cheap. The bad news is that it’s hard to do comparison shopping to find the deals. But no longer– has solved that problem by doing the searching for you.

Simply go to the site and search for a book title. When the search results display, click on the book you’re interested in. When the book’s page comes up, you’ll see a little button below the cover that says “buy for” and lists a price. Click that button, and you’ll see a list of all the main vendors and prices. You can then link to one of the vendors and make your purchase.

So how much can you save? Sometimes a lot. For example, I looked up my own book. Its hard cover list price is $25.99. However, by using the feature, I found a brand new copy for $4.89. I could get a good used copy for one buck. ONE BUCK! Holy schnitzel, that’s a 96% discount. If you want to buy a book, go to to find the deals.

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6 Responses to Cinefour theaters & the pricer

  1. Ben says:

    We used to call the dollar movie theater in American Fork the “Sticky Shoe.”

    Are you on goodreads?

  2. John Brown says:

    I am, but I hardly ever post. Alas.

  3. andrewv says:


    I hope it didn’t stress you out to see your book listed at a low price. If it makes you feel better, I’ll be picking up Curse at full price when it comes out. 🙂

  4. John Brown says:

    Good grief, no. Low price means more buyers and readers. Right now that’s all I want 🙂

  5. andrewv says:

    Ah, that makes sense. I bought your book because Lord Sanderson commanded it… in a round about, “This guy is good so we have him on Writing Excuses” kind of way. Perhaps when Curse comes out you can do another guest appearance? I always enjoy listening to you talk about the craft, particularly the hardships you faced and overcoming them.

  6. John Brown says:

    I’ll be on again around November. And I’m sure again when Curse comes out in 2011. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve learned a lot this last year with the release of book 1 and writing book 2. A LOT! Of course, won’t be able to share it all there. Happy to hear it helps, Andrew.