Cover art for Servant of a Dark God


I just got this from my editor. My first reaction was what?–No bronze brassiers, naked thighs, or gravity defying breasts?! I’m ruined! Then I remembered I’d given up writing books about bimbos with swords (alas, I really had some terrific mosquito scenes). 

Folks, I think Swanland’s style is gorgeous, and I hope readers find this particular cover compelling. Click on it to see it full size. There are many things about this cover that I like, but one cool thing about the content of the illustration is that he worked in Sugar with the raveler. Those are, to date, my favorite weapons ever. In fact, Sugar herself looks, well, strong, beautiful, smart. Dang! Who wants to write about a bimbo when you’ve got a woman like that?

(Of course, a bimbo with a sword could make a very good Legally Blonde meets Lord of the Rings. Humm. I’m tempted…)





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5 Responses to Cover art for Servant of a Dark God

  1. David-J-West says:

    (Then I remembered I’d given up writing books about bimbos with swords)

    Now wait a minute,does that mean you have written some books about bimbos with swords?

    Glad you are happy with your cover. I don’t know what a raveler is yet because your sample didn’t go that far. Oh and are you going to be doing a class at conduit in SLC pretty soon? The websites progran seems a little clouded from place to place. SO in one place I looked it, it made it sound like you would.


  2. John Brown says:

    Yes, I will. Right now I’m slated to teach on Friday night from 8 PM – 10 PM.

  3. Hezekiah says:

    I love it, John. That’s a sweet monster in the back, and the roses are compelling, as well.

    I probably won’t buy it, though. I was hoping for boobs like machine guns. 😉

  4. John Brown says:

    Blast you, Hezekiah!

    Actually, we’re coming out with book plate sticky notes and a crayon that will ship with the book. If you prefer the other style, you can put it over this cover. It will all be outlined and you can color it in.

  5. jin says:

    Cover art looks great. I personally think bimbos are over-rated. No harm intended for bimbo-readers, if any.