Dark God Update! Audio book narrator has been cast

Alex-Wyndham-headshot-200x300I’m very pleased to announce that Podium Publishing, the folks producing the audio versions of the Dark God books, has cast Alex Wyndham as the narrator for the Dark God series. Production is scheduled to take place in March and April.

Wyndham is an actor from the UK who has played television and film roles and narrated a number of audio books. Wyndham is the real deal. Just give the samples below a listen.

You can listen to other samples on Audible by clicking on his name or by going to his Bee Audio profile.

Folks, I cannot wait to see what he does with the books.

The Dark God is rising…



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4 Responses to Dark God Update! Audio book narrator has been cast

  1. Dan says:

    Nice! Win for the team.

  2. Justin says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a great choice.

  3. Hi, John! First of all, thank you very much for your posts on writing. I’m commenting here because I can’t send you emails through the contact form (the captcha is broken) and you seem to be away from social media.

    I just wanted to warn you that many of the links on the site are broken — all of those which have the date before the post name (eg. http://www.johndbrown.com/2011/09/generating-story-2-no-clue-no-solution/). I found that to fix it, all I have to do is remove the date (so, the correct link becomes http://www.johndbrown.com/generating-story-2-no-clue-no-solution/). Anyway, hope it helps you to correct them. Keep up your amazing work!