Drovers Update: Draft 2 finished


I just typed the final words of draft 2 of the first book of The Drovers. It now goes to my beta readers (I’m the alpha reader, the one who sees draft 1). And while they’re reading, I will begin draft 2 of the second book.

This is the shortest novel I’ve ever written, clocking in at 61,000 words. My target was 50,000 words, the average size of a Louis L’Amour western. But this will do. Depending on the beta reader feedback, I may add or cut a few thousand words. But not much.

I still don’t have a series name, dang it!

The Queen’s Drovers?

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2 Responses to Drovers Update: Draft 2 finished

  1. Steve says:

    Good new! All red (100%) looks very cool.

  2. Rick Hellewell says:

    This just popped into my head: “Mystic Drovers”.

    Have no idea if it is relevant to the story. But it’s less ‘Western’….

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