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Servant (Dark God Book 1)
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Who is the cover artist for the now obsolete edition?

Servant cover NEWThe fabulous Raymond Swanland! I absolutely love his style, and can’t tell you how excited I was to hear he was doing my cover. Besides being a killer illustrator, he’s just a nice guy. I blogged about some of his other art here.


“The Clan Lands of Whitecliff” by Isaac Stewart

Note: while I love the map I have in the book, this one by Stewart actually has the right (scale) mileage.


Artist Dixon Leavitt does Hunger

Dixon Leavitt is an amazing artist. He recently emailed me saying: “Sometimes I just start sketching with no plan in mind. This just popped out. Thought you’d like to see it.”



See the steps to its creation here:

Bead-maker Valerie Moore’s “The Grove”

Valerie Moore, an Arizona bead maker, loved Servant of a Dark God and was inspired to create a bead called “The Grove.” You can get them here.


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