Green light for CURSE

I just got word from my editor, and we’ve finally been able to agree on the outline!

Let us rejoice.

It took far longer than I’d planned. But I’m happy to move forward. I’ll finish up a couple of things I’m working on right now with the thriller and then begin production next week. I’m estimating I’m going to have to write about 130k worth of new material, which is basically enough to fill a normal novel. If I’m diligent, I can average about 7,500 words a week. That’s not super fast, but I do have a day job. So my initial target for delivering it is September 1st.

It then goes into the publisher machine. I’ll know in the fall what the release date will be.

This will also give me some extra time to develop the premise of the thriller. I hoped to have a rough outline by this point, at the very least the story problem. But it’s not quite there yet. So this will give me a little more cooking time. I’m still hoping to finish BOTH before the end of the year. At least two novels a year. That’s the goal.

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8 Responses to Green light for CURSE

  1. Mike says:

    Finally! Ive been anxiously awaiting this since I put down Servant of a Dark God over a year ago. Glad you could work it all out! I do have a question, what do you mean by “story problem”? Is it the overall problem you try to solve in a book, or can there be multiple story problems in a book? I really like to come up with plots to books Id like to write, and I seem to be good at coming up with a big problem Id like my characters to solve, but I struggle with the details. When I say the details I mean the little things in between that get the dominoes to fall so to speak. Im interested in how you get going, because I seem to just get frustrated. I really like to write, but Id like to not butt heads with myself every time I try to plot things out.

  2. Matt says:

    I am so excited. For the last few months my wife and I have been having this conversation.
    Me: Have you pre-ordered CoaDG yet?
    Wife: No.
    Me: Why not?
    Wife: I don’t know let’s look it up on Amazon.
    Me: Huh? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
    Wife: Oh yeah, remember on his blog he said it was going to be a massive rewrite?
    Me: Oh, I guess we will have to check next month.

    I expect we will continue having this conversation monthly until we get the book. Then our conversation will be . . .
    Me: Have you pre-ordered CoaDG yet?
    Wife: We got it last week and you’ve read it twice already.
    Me: Sorry, just force of habit. So, Have you pre-ordered DGG yet?

  3. Jon (WEKM) Krupp says:

    Now get writing.

  4. John Brown says:

    @ Matt, It’s nice to know I’ve been included in your monthly routine. First step to world domination–check (grin)

    @ Mike, it’s a good question. It’s true stories can and do have tons of “problems.” I’m talking about the main story problem, the premise. Go on over to the On Writing section and read the first essay in the Suspense series for all the details of what I’m talking about.

    @ Jon, hope all is well up north.

  5. Excellent! Look forward to hearing more good news as you progress. All the best,

  6. Oh Susannah says:

    Great!Christmas list item, S

  7. Taylor Finch says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait follow the soon-to-be steady stream of good news. As the red bar starts moving (red, of course, representing all your blood, sweat and typing) I’m looking forward to priming the pump and rereading Servant.

    Taylor Finch

  8. John Brown says:


    Ha! I knew there was a subliminal reason why I made that red! Now I know 🙂