I need your insight!

R-moviesLast year I posted about a service I’m working on to get ratings on books for sex, violence, and language. I posted similar thought about YA books in “Since When Did Young Adult Become The Cure For Cancer?“.

I’m back.

I did lots of customer discovery last August in an effort to see if book ratings is a problem worth solving, i.e., are there lots of avid readers who would love content ratings and sign up? All my interviews were very positive, but I didn’t finish validating our ideas because I had to stop to get books out and because we discovered some things that made us change some of our assumptions. I started up again a few weeks ago, this time with a team.

To continue the project, we need to interview 20-40 avid cleaner romance readers. Folks who probably read just such a book last month.


The biggest problem startups like this have is assuming they know what the customer values, being wrong, and building something nobody wants. So before we build anything, we need to first understand exactly what readers are doing today to solve this problem and where (and if) they are struggling. If we can validate the need, I think a lot of folks will be very happy having popular clean reads delivered to their email every week.

If you know someone who fits the bill, please send this post to them. They can shoot me an email by clicking the contact link in the menu bar.

If you fit the bill, please contact me.

It would be incredibly helpful to me to hear about how you approach this and ask you a few questions. It won’t take more than 20 minutes, and there’s no need to prepare in advance.

Hope you had a great 4th!


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2 Responses to I need your insight!

  1. Julia Blankenship says:

    I have read hundreds of Regency Romance. It is always a challenge to find the good clean writers. Many times reading the reviews on Amazon helps because some reviewers are kind enough to let you know if there is explicit content. Once I find a author I like I tend to read all I can find from them.