I spent 7 days in a car with Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate, and lived to tell about it

Larry-CorreiaSeven days.

San Diego, Phoenix, and a wild trip through Wyoming, around Denver, and back to Utah.

Seven days.

Five nights.

On the last trip, Larry, that murderous man, brought a bag of Walmart beef jerky that smelled like farts when you first opened it.

Oh, the humanity.

Now, here’s the thing. If you spend any amount of time with me, you will eventually tell me your life story.

You will.

Not because I’m a pryier. But because I’m simply and sincerely interested. In people. If you work for the sanitation department, I’m going to want to know about garbage trucks. If you bowl, I’m going to want to know about bowling. If you’re some kind of wackadoo, I’m going to want to hear your wackadooness. Sooner or later, you’re going to talk. And, yes, there will be things along the way that I just might put in my zing file. That’s not why I’m talking to you. But sometimes the slices of life are too good not to capture.

So you put Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate, into a car with me, and he’s going to spill his guts.

Let me tell you what I found. Oh yeah, wait until you hear this.

Larry loves his wife.

No, do not turn away in horror. You must hear the rest of the tale.

Larry has progressive ideas about gay marriage.

Can you imagine what it was like for me?

He doesn’t like taxes. Something I sure the rest of us pay any chance we get.

He’s a strong advocate of the right to bear arms. He figures people are safer with guns than without. And he was loaded. He had two guns on his person! Of course, I never worried about going anywhere with him, but the guns had nothing to do with that.

He doesn’t like the idea of a small group of people in Washington telling folks what they need to do. He’s not anti-government. He just likes a minimal amount of government.

He doesn’t like a lot of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. One of those things he doesn’t like is the rounding up of Japanese Americans and putting them in war camps. Another was Roosevelt’s attempt to pack the Supreme Court with justices who would rule his way, essentially eliminating that branch’s check on the presidency. Nor does he like Roosevelt for being the first president to explicitly embrace deficit spending. The list with Roosevelt could go on.

Larry honors the folks who serve in our military and law enforcement. Big time. Guys and gals who put their lives on the line or support those who do.

Larry’s a big believer in pulling yourself up by your boot straps.

He’s a believer and putting your big girl panties on and getting to work. From what I could tell, the one thing Larry thought would solve a lot of ills was work.

Work. Do you see how unreasonable the man is?

He’s an accountant and pretty good with numbers. Ergo he doesn’t like a lot of bureaucratic waste. It stinks to his accountant soul. And he saw a lot of that as a military contractor. I’m really for a lot of waste of taxpayer dollars, but I let him have his say.

Larry was once a bouncer.

He’s a big guy, but got his trash kicked in some early amateur MMA. But he still loved it.

LarryCorreiacismaleIn a friendly wrestling match, he injured his room mate, and said room mate responded by breaking the International Lord of Hate’s toe. Yes, the toe, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Larry is funny.

Larry has a lot of friends because, shocker, he’s a friendly guy.

He’s also kind of a sheepdog.

Larry is a capitalist. And it appears he’s the dirty greedy kind who uses his capitalistic ties for helping folks down on their luck.

There’s more. But let me tell you what I never heard. I never heard him make a racist remark. Not even when he told me about growing up in California’s Central Valley, or when some idiot kids who had been tasked with beating someone up to to join a Hispanic gang targeted him. Never heard him make a misogynistic remark.

I did hear how he loved to argue with folks on the internets. And then saw that later when I started reading his blog. It’s clear Larry likes a good fight. He’s a barbarian with big boots. But, in truth, he’s a friendly barbarian.

That’s the expose. I know. Shocking, isn’t it.

Now he’s gone and done this Hugo thing and calls people names and uses four-letter words on his blog posts.

I’ve found that Larry in person is not quite the same as Larry online when you disagree with him. In person he’s usually very conversational when you disagree.

Some might say he needs to be more polite online. Use more class.

They might have a point. Sometimes I think he steps over the line. Then again, they might not. He does get people to listen. And some of the things he has to say are insightful and worthwhile. Others are just plain funny.

Whatever your opinion, all I know is that if you’re wanting Abraham Lincoln, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. If you come out swinging, he’s not going to regale you with Kumbaya.

larrycorreiaAnd because he fights the way he does as Internet Larry, his posts seem to push some folks buttons to the point that they actually miss his intent.

For example, when Larry responded to Alex MacFarlane’s call for “an end to the default of binary gender in science fiction stories,” he never once suggested that we should discriminate against the folks MacFarlane wants to read stories about. He never suggested there shouldn’t be any such stories. Nor did he ever suggest folks who are discriminated against never have a case. His point was that the best way to write an entertaining story was to put the entertainment first, not some political agenda. His point was also that he’s sick of folks trying to foist their interests on him and everyone else. If you want to write about certain types of characters, do it. But don’t tell everyone else they must.

That was lost on some people. All they saw was someone who disagreed “rudely,” and they saw red.  I’d be seeing red too if I felt ruded upon. At the same time, they still missed his point. A lot have missed his point about the Hugos as well.

But whatever happens with this latest kerfluffle, I had to tell my tale. Because I spent seven days with Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate. It was nip and tuck the whole time, but I survived his horrible onslaught. And then we enjoyed some ice creams and tropical trail mix, which I can happily report smelled a lot better than the beef jerky.

EDIT: it appears I got some details wrong. Larry says: “I only wore 2 guns on that trip. My Kimber/Bul Poly .45 and a little Kahr MK9. I broke my roommate’s toe and he broke my nose, not the other way around. And that beef jerky was really gross.” Okay, the nose-toe bit I might have gotten wrong. But even though I updated the gun bit to placate him, I’m telling you that he had a shotgun in his back pocket (it’s a big pocket), a .45 on his hip, and a bazooka in the sock. That’s adds up to 3 in any establishment worth mentioning.

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14 Responses to I spent 7 days in a car with Larry Correia, International Lord of Hate, and lived to tell about it

  1. Sqt says:

    This is probably the best response I have seen yet to the Hugo kerfuffle. Excellent.

  2. Jabe says:

    I have not had the pleasure of spending time with Larry (or even meeting him, despite the fact that we live in the same city), but this is very much how I imagine it would be. Thanks for the confirmation.

  3. TD Drinnon says:

    Wow. What a series of inconvenient truths for those who have suffered butthurt from Larry’s opinions.

  4. Mr. Brown says:

    I agree. Beef jerky does smell like farts when you first open it.

  5. The Phantom says:

    Nice picture of Larry on the top there. That’s probably the view a lot of short, wide, shrill little Social Justice Warriors get at conventions, I’d wager.

    I bet SJWs are more polite at conventions than on the Intertubez.

  6. Old NFO says:

    Larry is a teddy bear unless riled… Then stand the F by… 🙂 And he IS also a supporter of the folks that helped him get where he is. As far as the HUGO BS… He did nothing different than the others, (well he proved he had more readers), but that’s an aside… 🙂

  7. You’ve sumed up Larry very well. I also count him as a good friend and he’s one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met. Yes, he’s big, loud and opinionated, but he always does it with a smile that’s very disarming.

  8. Jonathan Pettit says:

    Thanks. Great response and comments.

  9. Jon Nials says:

    Lord, that was funny.

  10. Boric G says:

    As someone who knows Larry, I appreciate your well-reasoned post. Lest anyone doubt that you (for some arcane reason) are making up this event, let me verify that Larry is just how you described him.
    As Sqt said above, this is one of, if not THE, best responses to the Hugo Event.

    Thanks, good sir.

  11. John Brown says:

    Thanks, Boric G.

  12. I call fake! NOTHING survives the International Lord of Hate!

    Except maybe puppies.

  13. T Kosmatka says:

    Awesome post.

  14. sherwood says:

    Well Said John.
    Larry, is a kind giving, fun guy to be around. Had dinner with him after a book signing and loved the stories, and fun that were enjoyed by all.
    The stories I loved the most was how he came up with the enchanted forest trailer park scene in Monster Hunters International and his first book signing at a gun show.