LA/Book 2, in which the novel kicks my butt

I’ll make this short. I have a deadline for my next revision of CURSE OF A DARK GOD. It’s November 20th. But the book is kicking me around like a tin can. I sat down Saturday to work on my current revisions and as I unpicked the chapter I was working on the whole story unraveled in my hands. I worked for 8 hours trying to put it back together, but it resisted all efforts.

I’m not one to take this lying down. I’m going to San Diego this week, but will fly back early to work on the book, which means I will not be visiting Los Angeles. Alas. This wild beast will come under control. And that should please all those who have read SERVANT and are waiting for the next installment.

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5 Responses to LA/Book 2, in which the novel kicks my butt

  1. Hezekiah says:

    John, I am finally reading Servant of a Dark god. This is the best book I have read in years. It excels on so many levels it’s unbelievable.

  2. amylamborn says:

    I am glad you got things turned around for the sake of all of us waiting for Book 2. 🙂 And for Nellie’s nerves! lol

  3. bdayton says:

    Ugh, nothing worse than when your book rises up against you. I’ve been struggling to get motivated to even WORK on mine right now. Any suggestions?

  4. John Brown says:


    Butt in chair. Then just write anything at all. Then ask yourself what’s bugging you about your story story so much. Or go through the symptoms in the lesson I wrote on writers block.

  5. bdayton says:

    I managed to get some BIC time, and things went pretty well. I’m putting in about 6 hours a week right now, which is really all I can do and still have one fun activity in my life (currently a videogame). I’m happy to report that things are moving along much more smoothly now, though. I just had to get in there and do it, and you were right, I did find things that were bothering me and started to make a few corrections that I think will go a long way.