LDStorymakers Presentation

I’m at LDStorymakers this weekend. Had a wonderful time yesterday facilitating idea generation for the magic systems of eight writers who all had some really cool stuff.  Today I will be giving my presentation on banishing writer’s doubt, fear, and block using cognitive therapy.

For those who want the slides, here they are.

Banish writers fear doubt and block with cognitive therapy (PDF)


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2 Responses to LDStorymakers Presentation

  1. Stephen Wein says:

    This is good stuff. Though I’ve only read the PDF and didn’t attend the lecture, the message still comes through – very practical “IF you are experiencing X, THEN try doing Y” advice. And what writer doesn’t experience some (all) of the doubts and misgivings you list? Thanks, John – very cool!

  2. John Brown says:

    Glad you find it helpful.