Learn plot, character, scene, and more this Saturday, Oct 9!

All you Utah and mountain area writers & teachers, or those close enough to travel, I will be presenting and conducting workshops from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm this Saturday, Oct 9th as part of the Autumn Writers Conference sponsored by the American Fork Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The sessions I’ll conduct include:

  • Finding and Working With an Agent
  • How to Write a Story That Rocks: First Principles & Story Concept
  • Creating Characters that Rock
  • Plot
  • Writing Scenes: The Basic Units of a Novel

There are four other tracks. Find all the details, including cost and contact info, on the organizer’s site: CalebWarnock.blogspot.com. I’m totally stoked for this. I’ll be sharing what I think are the Pareto factors in each of these areas — things I wish I would have known when I started and would have shaved years off my journey to publication.

A number of other authors will be there including:

  • Annette Lyon (women’s fiction and a new cook book called Chocolate Never Faileth)
  • Josi Kilpack (mystery and suspense)
  • LeAnne Tolley (health and wellness)
  • Scott Livingston (poetry)
  • Caleb Warnock (self-sufficiency)
  • Loraine Scott (mystery)
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4 Responses to Learn plot, character, scene, and more this Saturday, Oct 9!

  1. TheUselessGod says:

    This looks really awesome. If only I’d seen it before October 1st! (me = poor).
    But my wife is gone this weekend, so this could be an awesome way to get my writing groove on. Thanks for the tip! Maybe I’ll see you Saturday! 😀

  2. number1fan says:

    I’m still trying to decide if I will join you this Saturday. It sounds like all sorts of fun, but my daughters may need some time and attention. I laud the author and his brilliant parts, but I would prefer to avoid bunny cakes at all costs!:-}

  3. John Brown says:


    Not those kinds of bunny cakes! Sheesh. I’m talking real cakes. Birthday time :0