Lesson 8 finished

If you write poopy-slow like me, you will finish 500-700 words of your draft in an hour. Let’s see what that means for various novel sizes.

  • 25,000 words: 50 hours
  • 50,000 words: 100 hours
  • 75,000 words: 150 hours
  • 100,000 words: 200 hours
  • 200,000 words: 400 hours

And those requirements don’t count time you might need to spend re-imagining a piece or researching some gap in your knowledge or figuring out some knotty bit you couldn’t see was problematic when you first set out. A novel can be a big project and stretch over a few weeks, especially when you don’t have eight hours a day to write.

In this lesson, you will learn that you need to treat the draft like what it is–a project–and use basic project management techniques to help you get the work done.

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