LTUE 2016 presentation materials

I promised you I’d post my materials. Here they are.

Succeeding as a Storyteller 2016-02-13 HANDOUT

Vivid and Clear 2016-02-11

What Comes Next 2016-02-12 PRINT

Also, at the end of my and LL Muir’s presentation of Succeeding as a Writer, I offered some of my books, the ones I authored, for free in the back. I would like to ask whoever accidentally got caught up in the mad rush (it was like Black Friday) and took my copy of Cheree Alsop’s Daybreak: Girl from the Stars Book 1 to please mail it to me. It looks like this:


It is dedicated to “Mrs. Brown’s Class” and was a present for her. You may mail it to John D. Brown, PO Box 157, Laketown, UT 84038.

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5 Responses to LTUE 2016 presentation materials

  1. Justin Swapp says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. jared says:

    Not sure who took daybreak, but there were a number that took multiple copies of the same book. It was sad.

  3. John Brown says:

    Yeah, lesson learned.

  4. Fred says:

    Hi, John Brown.

    Are you going to make a blog post or write an article about your and LL Muir’s presentation of “Succeeding as a Writer”?

    • John Brown says:

      That would be a good one. I’m wanting to revamp the whole on-writing section. Get it streamlined and updated. But I don’t know when. Keep coming back. I think what’s on that handout is critical.