Good Stuff! Million Dollar Arm, Remember the Titans

I wanted to let you know about two films I recently watch with the family and enjoyed. Both are based on real events.

The first is Million Dollar Arm. This is a great film based on the true story of the search for the first pro American baseball players from . . . India.


They were hoping to find some pitchers. But it’s not about what you’re thinking. Because there were no pros in India. There was no baseball. There was only the game of cricket, and bowling in cricket requires a totally different arm movement than pitching in baseball.

This film features plenty of good humor, a cast of very enjoyable characters, and a romantic subplot that’s more about becoming something better than it is about the romance.

The next is Remember the Titans. I know. It was released in 2000. So I’m late to the party, arrest me. With the internet, the party goes on forever.


This is another film based on real events. This time its about a the introduction of racial integration at a West Virginian high school in 1971. Denzel Washington plays Herman Boone, the new black coach.

This one has plenty of drama, food for thought, and was so good daughter number 3 wants if for her personal library.

If you like sports movies, you’ll love these. If you don’t like sports movies, you’ll love them, because these two films aren’t about the sports. They’re about something more important. Do yourself a favor, sit down with the family and give them a go.

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