MountainCon 2008 Killer Story Workshop

Just got word from the programming organizer that my killer workshop is a go for MountainCon this year. The bonus is that Brandon Sanderson will be teaching it with me. You do NOT want to miss this one.

WHAT: Writing Killer Stories: This is a hands-on workshop conducted by two professional
authors (Brandon Sanderson, John Brown).

When you finish, you will know:

  • The 3 keys to writing killer fiction
  • 4 parts of story & how they relate to the key
  • The creation process
  • 7 principles of creativity
  • Critical guidelines on suspense, plotting, setting, and character building

WHEN: Saturday, September 20th,  7:30-10:00 PM, Panel Room 1

WHERE: Davis Convention Center, Layton, Utah

For more information go to

And if you get sick of me, you can listen to Sarah Douglas, the villain from Superman II.  She’ll be there as well with lots of other folks including

Kevin Sorbo*

Richard Herd

Herb Jefferson Jr.

Sarah Douglas

Scott Schwartz

Victor Brandt

Tad Atkinson

Mark Goddard*

Penny Johnson Jerald

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Mull

David Reddick

Rebecca Shelley

JoSelle Vanderhooft

Paul Genesse

Sky Conway

Gralin Jerald

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