New business cards

Devon Dorrity, who helped me put together my covers, just helped me put together some business cards. I’m pretty excited about them. I’m biased, but I think they look awesome.







You can see here a mockup of how they’ll look. That bit on the back is the Blacksword Books logo.


I’m not sure about the one for Bad Penny. Devon liked it. Any opinions?


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4 Responses to New business cards

  1. Rick H says:

    All look good. But on the ‘Bad Penny’ one, I would put your name in place of Bad Penny, and remove the name above. Right now looks too much like a book.

    So, just a red background, your name in the Bad Penny font, plus the bullet holes, of course.

    • John Brown says:

      Thanks, Rick. That was actually the intent, so it’s good to know it’s working as intended. But I kind of like your idea too. We’ll have to mess around with it.

  2. Mike Barker says:

    Odd thought, but either twist or perhaps slant the book cover, so it looks as if the book is sliding into or off the business card?