New presentation materials

Super Author Kristan Higgins

Super Author Kristan Higgins

The RWA conference was a blast. It was a wonderful time to hook up with writing friends, to make new ones, and to listen to insights and advice from folks who are selling tons of books.

Brenda Novak, whose latest book hit #48 on the USA Today list,  gave a great presentation on generating emotion in the reader.

RaeAnne Thayne, whose book is currently the #5 best selling book in the USA this week, shared lots of helpful tips on ways to make this your most productive year ever.

Kristan Higgins, whose latest book hit #20 on the USA Today list, gave a presentation on the role and delights of secondary characters and how to use them. She also gave a humorous and insightful keynote speech about one of the most satisfying reasons to tell stories–to help others.

Lynn Kurland’s presentation on world building was short, but sometimes short is more powerful. I came away remembering that one key to great world building is remembering that nobody will care much about the world if they don’t care for the characters!

There were others presenting, but I wasn’t able to attend. I’m sure they were equally good. I had a great time.

I promised those that attended my presentations that I would post the PDFs here. Enjoy!

Make Them Beg for More — Triggers and Delay

The Story Setup

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4 Responses to New presentation materials

  1. Justin Swapp says:

    Read “chapter 1” in the make them beg for more PDF, and totally ran out and picked up Bad Penny. Good stuff.

  2. Noelle Temple says:

    Thanks for posting your slides. I really enjoyed your presentation and think they will be a great aide. It was wonderful to meet you.