Novel Makers – Cohort 1


And thank you for joining me on this quest. I am so excited to pilot these ideas and methods with you. The goal of this class is to help you expand your ability to give your novel readers awesome experiences.  I believe the way to do this is to help you:

  • See what stories do better than you’ve seen before
  • Feel how they work better than you’ve felt before
  • Produce more material than you have before

It is my sincere hope that these lessons will give you techniques and insights that will help you accomplish these things.


Novel Makers class introduction

Week 1: Goal & theory (Feb 9-15)

Week 2: See & sensitize (Feb 16-22)

Week 3: Sketch your setting, character, and problem (Feb 23-Mar 1)

Week 4: Sketch your plot (Mar 2-8)

Week 5: Draft your beginning (Mar 10-17)(May 20-27)

Week 6: Use vivid & clear techniques (Mar 25-April 2)

Week 7: Use story turns to delight and engage (April 6-April 12)

Week 8: Use blocks and grunts (April 13-April 23)


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