Listen to Loose in the Wires for free


Far-Fetched Fables has released the audio version of “Loose in the Wires.” The narrator, Eric Luke, did a great job. This story was so fun to write. If you haven’t read it yet, go give it a listen. It’s free. You’ll also be able to hear the flash fiction piece, “Older, Wiser, Time Traveler” by

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It’s Far-fetched Fables who is doing Loose in the Wires


It appears I got the wrong District of Wonders podcast for Loose in the Wires. It’s not Starship Sofa. It’s Far-fetched Fables who will be producing it. Mark Zanfardino writes: I’m the audio engineer for Far Fetched Fables ( “Loose in the Wires” will be run on Far Fetched Fables – a District of Wonders

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Good Stuff! Mike Loades on Swords and Bows


Mike Loades is an expert on medieval fighting. He brings energy and, not just bookish learning, but insights from hands-on use. I loved the five-part Weapons That Made Britain television series for which he was the host and chief consultant. And so I looked to see if there was anything else he’d done. I found he’d

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