Good Stuff! McDonald’s? Really?


I can’t remember the last time I emoted over hamburgers. Yeah, I’ve been to Smash Burger (way overpriced) and Five Guys (good) and Carl’s Jr. (no scantily clad women to be seen; talk about issues with truth in advertising), In-and-Out (what’s the appeal?), and a hundred other chains and non-chains. Burgers were burgers. Big whoop.

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United Authors Association Conference Oct 24th!


The United Authors Association is holding a fiction writing conference October 24th in Springville, Utah, and it’s free to the public! The conference schedule has some great presentation topics on it by authors who are delighting a lot of readers as well as an editor, agent, and a magician. I’m going to be presenting on the

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Good Stuff! 3 Books to Introduce You to the Middle East

The Crisis of Islam by Bernard Lewis

ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran. What drives these groups? What are they really about? Why is there so much religious strife in the Middle East? For that matter, what is Islam actually about? Is the religion really defined by these violent actors, or are they just the most visible because they’re what’s

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The Secret to Getting Great Story Ideas

The Secret To Getting Great Story Ideas Passion Guy

Last week I spent a lovely day with the League of Utah Writers at their annual writing conference. I presented “The Secret to Getting Great Story Ideas” which was about how to stop generating great story ideas by accident and start generating them on purpose, whenever you need them. I promised the folks I’d post

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