If you want to work with publishers, you need this. Right now.


Writers who want to deal with publishers need this book: The Nine Worse Provisions in Your Publishing Contract by David P. Vandagriff. And it’s currently free! Vandagriff is a lawyer whose business involves high-stakes intellectual property litigation. He has negotiated major contracts with a wide range of opposing parties, some of which include Apple, Hewlett-Packard,

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Curse now available in audio!


I’m very happy to announce that Curse is now available in audio format. The other nice thing is that the audio performance of Servant is getting great reviews. Wyndham did a fab job. And for those who graciously leave reviews, well, you never know when you’ll become famous. A reader, Jared Smith, left a review

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Send Frank to kick some award patootie!


The Whitney Awards are open for the public to nominate books they think are great and which are written by LDS authors. Those books that get at least 5 nominations are read and rated by a panel of judges. The judges then send on the finalists in each category to the Academy for voting. Servant

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You want your kids to succeed in school? There’s one thing you can do…


Did you know that there is one thing that kids can do outside of school that’s been proven, over and over, to lead to them doing significantly better in all other subjects? And I mean all subjects. Math, history, science, criminology, psychology—you name it. There’s one thing, and numerous research studies have proven it, that

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Awful Intent #33 of Top 100 on Amazon


Today Awful Intent went on sale and is currently ranked #33 in the whole Kindle store. You can enlarge the screenshot below. Nice to be on a list with Harry Potter and James Patterson 🙂 To see it in it’s full glory, click on the screen shot, then click it again to zoom. Edit 8/21/16:

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“From the Clay of His Heart” published yet again!


“From the Clay of His Heart” is going to be published for the fourth time in August. This time it’s by Deep Magic, a tremendous e-zine headed by Jeff Wheeler, a hugely popular fantasy author. Deep Magic is a bi-monthly electronic magazine that publishes clean short fiction in the fantasy and science fiction genres (epic, paranormal, steampunk,

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