A great day for humankind!


Today is a great day for humankind! No, it’s not the cure to cancer, the end of politics, or aliens from space being discovered in Albuquerque. No. It’s the release of Awful Intent. The next book in the Bad Penny series, with more white-knuckle action, crime, humor, and a little something to think about. Frank’s

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Good Stuff! The winning Lady Rebels and Lady Tigers


Cody Lundgren, Jesse Calder, and Louie Stewart led our Lady Rebel basketball team to a 10- 10 record in the regular season and a 2-2 performance at the state tournament that earned our girls second place in our region and sixth at state. It’s interesting that the wins and losses were split right down the

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Awful Intent: copy edit finished


I finished the updates for the copy edit today. Now it’s time to finish the cover, format the ebook and paperback, and then publish. I thought folks might be interested to see the blurbs I received for the book. “An engaging story about law and order in the west, complete with gun battles, aerial stunts

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Does anyone going to LTUE want “What Comes Next?”


LTUE didn’t have enough slots to include the presentation in the schedule, but I’m willing to give it in the chat area by the lobby to folks who are interested. Probably on Saturday. So in “What Comes Next?” I share two tools I use that help me figure out where to start my stories and, well, what comes

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