Recording of Dungeon Crawlers Radio interview

For those who missed the live show, you can find the recording of the Dungeon Crawlers Radio interview here or you can find a link on the DCR site. I had a great time with Malak, Revan, and Joe. Talked about the current and upcoming series and some other stuff.

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6 Responses to Recording of Dungeon Crawlers Radio interview

  1. bdayton says:

    Great interview! I was really happy to hear that you’ll be writing a thriller down the road.

    Question: will you be using a pen name? I read a very interesting blog post on Daniel Abraham’s site about just why people use pen names.

    I guess in the end it boiled down to authors wanting to be known for a certain “type” of writing, and authors that publish in several genres under the same name end up with a reputation of “you never know what you’re going to get with their books.” Interesting stuff.

  2. John Brown says:

    Probably. Fantasy and thriller are very different genres. However, I don’t know that it’s critical within a genre. Koontz seems to do okay with one name as do Card and Bujold and many others. I think it’s when you go way outside the genre. Still, I know Wolverton created Farland for his fantasy for this reason.

    I think Abraham’s comments on people being invested in a specific project is interesting. Terry Brooks has had this problem. But others haven’t. I don’t see that Brandon Sanderson’s fans are only invested in Mistborn or Elantris. They seem to have at least given Way of Kings a decent go. But maybe that’s because it’s the same KIND of stuff. Terry Brook’s Landover stuff wasn’t the same type. It had a freaking dog with sunglasses on the cover (if I recall). So maybe Abraham is right and there are types of fantasy that act as separate genres.

  3. bdayton says:

    I’ve noticed more and more in my reading that I tend to skip over the epic fantasy books at the library and the bookstore in favor of something with more of an urban fantasy feeling. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just that I’m starting to find the tropes in epic fantasy aren’t to my liking anymore or if I’m just struggling with length due to not having as much time to invest in any one story. Either way, I can honestly say that your book was probably the last epic fantasy that I’ve read. I’ll eventually get to Way of Kings and probably read Wise Man’s Fear by Rothfuss, but those are the only real guaranteeds on my list these days.

  4. John Brown says:

    That’s interesting. I wonder if the divide is urban and epic. Urban because it’s usually contemporary. In fact, maybe that’s the divide. Contemporary and historical other world stuff. I think it would be an interesting survey.

  5. OlettaLiano says:

    Hi John, loved the interview. I was happy to hear that you and Larry are planning to do a podcast, but are you sure you want the Dungeon Crawlers guys to do your tech stuff. It was the first time I heard one of their shows and I have to say with all their microphone switching and other things they sounded less then professional to me. Anyway, all the best.

  6. John Brown says:

    Thanks for the feedback OlettaLiano. Nothing’s in stone right now. But I’m sure the DCR guys can fix whatever the problems are should we go with them 🙂