7 Responses to Recordings of Brandon Sanderson’s 2012 novel writing class

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve been watching and taking notes as time permits this summer. I love how the class is broken down into 20 minute segments. It makes fitting it in so much easier. I wish it were in podcast form–then I’d be able to finish the series faster.

  2. John Brown says:

    Question is: are you producing? 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    Not this summer. I have a book coming out in September and edits have been taking up all my time. Having all six children home for the summer makes finding any additional writing time impossible. But I do love having them all home for a little while.:) I usually watch one of the segments while I fold laundry.

  4. John Brown says:

    Aha, I went out to your website and saw. It’s a romance, right?

  5. Kate says:

    It’s a romantic suspense. My publisher has promised that the cover will bring in the suspense element. I hope so.

  6. Sonja says:

    What an invaluable resource. I will be cramming in what I can while summer lasts. I hope the website stays up through out the year in case I want to go back an review the information. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  7. John Brown says: