Release Dates for the Novels

BTW, I talked to Stacy Hague-Hill today and got the release and due dates.

Book 1
Revisions due May 15th, 2008
Final due July 1, 2008
Hardcover release Sept 2009
Paperback release Aug 2010

She said because it’s my first novel and because it’s a trilogy they want to make sure they properly lay the groundwork, getting cover quotes, working up excitement, etc. And that’s why there’s such a space between the contract, final delivery date, and HC release. Although the schedule repeats for every book. On the one hand, I wish they were coming out on a 9 month schedule. On the other hand, I think my focus should be making these three books the very best they can be. And this gives me the time. Besides, there will be a HC release and then a paperback and so each book will get two pulses each year. Although the paperback is released usually right before the second book comes out.

Book 2
Draft due Feb 2009
Final due July 1, 2009
Hardcover release Sept 2010
Paperback release Aug 2011

Book 3
Draft due Feb 2010
Final due July 1, 2010
Hardcover release Sep 2011
Paperback release Aug 2012? Not sure.

That’s a ways out there. Holy cow.


I haven’t planned anything out that far into the future since college and that wasn’t really planning but a lifestyle (grin).

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