Smith’s grocery update

Okay, so SERVANT is still in Smith’s. Get them before they’re gone. If you were thinking of purchasing, now’s the time (and let’s hope the trial run is a success and they take it national in their stores). They have it cheaper than anywhere else in the Utah area. I think it’s $17 or $19. That’s a great price for a new hardback.  I know it’s in these stores.

  • Heber, UT
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Park City, UT
  • Provo, UT (by the library)
  • Orem, UT (State and Center)
  • Sandy, UT (benches, Bengal Blvd.)
  • West Jordan, UT
  • I’m sure there are other Smith stores that I’ve missed. You can check your local store to see. Let me know here if you spot it. 🙂 
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3 Responses to Smith’s grocery update

  1. andrewv says:


    Got a really odd question that I hope doesn’t make me sound too weird.

    I’ve been planning to buy your book but live in Rhode Island. We do not have a Smith’s here. Is it better for you if I just buy it at my local Borders or could we assist you more if I could find someone in UT who could buy it for me at a Smith’s? The idea, of course, is to potentially get them to carry you in greater numbers/stores.

    I’m not sure which market helps you out greater; the Southeastern New England area or giving a little nudge to Smith’s. If you have a preference, please let me know! 😀

  2. John Brown says:


    You’re a peach. The Smith’s is an intermountain grocery chain owned by Kroger Food. So while a purchase from one of the UT Smith’s stores would help best, it seems impractical to me to have someone go through the rigmarole of having someone pick it up for you and ship it. So I’d say just buy from B&N, Borders, BooksAMillion–whoever has it there locally. Or online. Hope you enjoy it.

    BTW, you might want to try reading chapters 5,6,7, and 8 first. Then the current 1,2,3,4. That’s how we had it originally. For reasons too long to go into here, we re-sequenced in the final version. But I tested the original at LTUE and think you might want to try it that way. Let me know how it goes if you do.

  3. andrewv says:

    Heh, sounds good to me, John.

    I’ll get cracking on acquiring the book. Or course, my wife will probably steal it from me first (she loves to read my books first and reads faster than I do) so I shall also give her the advice about re-ordering the chapters.