White Elk of Logan Canyon

Who needs the European myth of the white stag when we’ve got the beauties here, not more than 15 miles from my home in Logan Canyon, Utah. Feast your eyes on these bucks!

[edit 10/11/2009: alas, it appears it cannot be verified that these are Logan canyon elk. I tried to trace back the source of these photos to verify and could not. I began to be suspicious when I looked at the backgrounds. Then another reader who has spent far more time in the canyons had the same doubts. I’ve come to the conclusion these beauties are not Logan canyon elk. Alas. But they are nevertheless beautiful.]

Click on the pictures to see them full size.


Notice the normal brown buck on the side.

The three

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3 Responses to White Elk of Logan Canyon

  1. cyrell says:

    Sorry to say but these are not elk, these are red deer stags(albino version)

    Just compare the antlers to the one of an elk, an elk has shovel like endings, also the nose is different. Deers are more finely sculpted while elks have a blunt nose.

    Also there are differences in their built, shorter body longer legs, more height then lenght but bigger then deer

  2. Cuzsis says:

    In America this member if the deer family is called Elk or wapiti Specifically these, being from Oregon, would be Roosevelt Elk.

    Your “elk” we call “moose” in our country.