Writing tips from Best Seller Debbie Macomber

I saw this today and thought of the assignments I give in my workshops. Look at what this hugely popular writer did to learn and focus her craft:

  1. Knew what she liked and followed HER passions (she knew what rocked her).
  2. Took 4 books she loved and broke them down to look for patterns she could use. This is exactly what Bernard Cornwell did (link at bottom).
  3. Identified what it was she wanted to deliver to her readers. I believe her four words were “Provocative,” “Relevant,” “Creative,” and “Honest” (form follows function).
  4. Notice also how much she loves plot turns (story cycle–surprise and conflict).

What a delightful interview. I’m going to pick up a Macomber and give her a go. Anyone have a recommendation on a title?

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