Writing Update: 25,000 words of battle and still going

Curse of a Dark God ends with a big, BIG battle. I’ve been working on it for a number of weeks now. It contains some large revelations, a lot of action, movement back and forth between four points of view, and the need for a number of people to act heroically. When I finished writing today it was 25,573 words long and I still have one more chapter to go. I don’t think I’ve written any single action sequence this long. To put this in perspective, a normal adult novel is 90,000-110,000 words long. Young adult novels average 50,000 – 70,000 words. This one sequence is a quarter to half the size of many other novels! It’s been quite a task, but I’m happy to have the end in sight. I really think readers are going to enjoy it.

I do have a little bit of other good news that I’m excited to share, but I’ll have to wait until papers are signed.


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