You vote: excerpt or full text?

Readers, for the last year or so I’ve set the blog to show a summary of each post which you then click into as shown below.

For the years before that I just showed the full text like you see now.

I personally engage more with full text displays because I read as I scroll, so even if I’m skipping, I do at least pick up the gist of the post.

Do you have a preference? Does one view “feel easier” to you?

Let me know.

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14 Responses to You vote: excerpt or full text?

  1. Full text, please, sir.

  2. Steven says:

    Hybrid. Show a summary with the option to expand to see the rest of the post without taking you to a different page. That way you can continue scrolling once you read the post but don’t have to scroll through a long post you don’t want to read all of to get to the next one.

    • Steven says:

      Replying to my own post because I can’t edit it. In full disclosure I subscribe to the RSS feed and don’t actually use the blog. I’m just making a suggestion based on what I’ve seen and personally prefer on other sites.

  3. J Washburn says:

    I’d like to get full text from your RSS feed… And thank you for writing such a great blog.

  4. Pete says:

    I’ve always preferred full test.

  5. Formflow1 says:

    Full text. I love reading your blog, but I do it in Feedly, which means I have to leave that app to view your full content. I’ll keep doing it, it is just a little inconvenient.

  6. Justin Swapp says:

    (oops…too late) 🙂