Another positive review for Servant of a Dark God: Kirk Shaw of Covenant Communications

This review of Servant of a Dark God comes from Kirk Shaw, a fiction editor who works for Covenant Communications which is a part of Deseret Book. I think he points out something interesting about how I structured the story.

This is no simple epic. Brown has essentially written in three major plots: (1) the Dark Mother’s resurgence in the world and her cunning plots, (2) Talen’s family’s struggle against the Divines and the oppression he and his face from those who aren’t Koramite, and (3) the epic struggle of all those who are oppressed by the tyranny of the Glory and the Divines. The complexities of these three struggles overlap and complement one another in the story, with each group and entity relating to each other in different ways. For example, the Dark Mother is seeking out those who are fighting against the Divines to cull them, but she also plans to attack the Divines. In other words, groups that have mutual enemies are also fighting against themselves. These interacting conflicts I’m certain will generate quite an epic series (just as Robert Jordan’s tri-fold conflicts have held readers of The Wheel of Time series spellbound–Dark One vs. Artur Hawkwing’s returned armies vs. Rand and the gang)…

…I highly recommend this debut novel for those who enjoy a good coming-of-age epic fantasy, and I hope to see many more great things from debut author John Brown. Full review here.

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10 Responses to Another positive review for Servant of a Dark God: Kirk Shaw of Covenant Communications

  1. Hezekiah says:

    Okay John. Just stop it. October 13 is far enough away as it is.

  2. readermom says:

    My local bookstore is a bit confused and delivered it today. I’ve only read the first two chapters but I’m liking it so far.

  3. Hezekiah says:

    Wow. If the phrase “no fair” ever applied, it is right now. However, to refrain from sounding childish, I’ll instead say, “Lucky!”

  4. John Brown says:

    Oh, those naughty bookstores. Of course, Hezekiah, you could just drive down to Moab.

    Readermom, I’ll be interested to see how it goes for you.

  5. John Brown says:

    Hezekiah. You want some salt, buddy? Here’s one from a gal who got an early copy and posted to my Facebook.

    “WOW! “Servant” is fabulous!!! It’s got everything! It’s complex, deep, full of symbolism and analogy. I could use it as coursework for a whole year of college English! And even a comparative current events class. And yet, it’s frenzied page turning entertainment! I have lost quite a few Z’s! I set aside at least an hour every night to read before bed, but it’s turned into 4-5 hrs! I woke up at 4:30 a.m. with my glasses askew, the bedroom light blaring in my eyes and the book resting peacefully at my side. It took me a moment to decide where I was. 🙂 But it has been worth every lost Z. And I am not even finished. I will be by tonight though! Thank you!!!!! Amy.”

    They’re not all going to be like that (dang it). But it’s nice to know we hooked up the right book with the right reader in that case.

  6. Hezekiah says:

    It burn! It burns!

  7. readermom says:

    I had an amazingly emotional response to the book. Usually I read for plot but the situations of the characters nearly brought me to tears. This probably has something to do with the fact that I am 4 months pregnant.
    My husband read it and enjoyed it as well.
    I like living in a town with a bookstore that doesn’t understand the concept of release dates.

  8. John Brown says:

    Readermom, so happy to hear the experience was gripping. But you’re not alone. The woman who I quoted above finished a few days ago and, well, I won’t spoil anything for other readers, but had a similar experience. And she’s definitely not pregnant 🙂

  9. bdayton says:

    I’d say the part that got me the most emotional was the scene between father and son. If you’ve read it, and didn’t at least get a little emotional, you must not have kids. That part tugged the old heart strings all right. It helps that my son’s only 5 months old, of course, but still.

  10. bdayton says:

    Oh, and some more salt, Hezekiah. I got an advance copy over a month ago. Ouch, it burns.