Behold, the Opening Chapters of CURSE OF A DARK GOD

For your reading pleasure, I have posted the current version of the first 12 chapters of Curse of a Dark God below. (And there was much rejoicing, yea.)

Read and enjoy!

CURSE OF A DARK GOD draft 3 chapters 1-12 reader 

Note: these are draft chapters and may change in the final version.

If you would like to be part of a test audience, please open the document and begin reading just as you would any book that you picked up because it looked interesting. Stop where you normally would. Then email me by clicking on the Contact John link under my photo up on the left. I’ll send you a couple of questions. Please make sure you don’t ask for the questions before you’ve given the bit above a go (I don’t want the questions to affect your reading). Also, don’t put any critique hat on. Just read as you normally would. 🙂 The deadline for test audience responses is January 15th.

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7 Responses to Behold, the Opening Chapters of CURSE OF A DARK GOD

  1. bdayton says:

    Awesome! I went ahead and linked this on It’s always refreshing to see authors put their stuff out there.

  2. harm says:

    John, finished SoaDG last night. Writing my review today. Also read these 12 chapters. But when I try clicking the link to email you it won’t give me the link. Help?

  3. John Brown says:


    Thanks for the heads up. I upgraded to the newest WordPress version and forgot to reactivate. It should be working now. Look forward to your review. I’m going to email you the test audience questions.

  4. Hezekiah says:

    John, I am perusing the Life the Universe and Everything site. You’re not on the list of authors attending. What gives?

  5. John Brown says:


    I think they just haven’t updated. As far as I know I’m slated to be on panels etc. I received an initial email from the organizers, but haven’t heard anything yet as to official schedule etc. You might want to contact them directly to see if they have info I haven’t received yet. I believe the email is on the site.

  6. Hezekiah says:

    Okay. Because, you know. If you weren’t there, why bother going? I need to get SoaDG signed, after all.

  7. John Brown says:

    Indeed, cause those other folks coming, like Sanderson, Modesitt, Farland–chumps 😀