Brown Family Christmas Fun — I Hope

I like paintball.

My wife and girls do not. Something about bruising and pain.

We could get pantywaist nerf guns. We do have some PVC marshmellow shooters. But a man wants something with a bit more kick.

I think I’ve found it. They’re called AirForce BlowGuns. Like PVC guns, you power them with your own breath. Unlike a lot of those guns, these seem to have some power.

Watch the video here to see them in action:

We just ordered six. I really, really hope this one funds.

If you’re looking for some family fun on Christmas morning, maybe this is it.

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2 Responses to Brown Family Christmas Fun — I Hope

  1. M. Wolfe says:

    Wow John, I wasn’t expecting much, but now I’m like, How many do I think I can talk my wife into letting me get?

  2. John Brown says:

    I know. I think my family would have a total blast with these.