Our genes aren’t in charge.

Yes, you say, of course. There’s environment and choice; both of these affect what we become. 

But I’m not talking about being in charge at that level. I’m saying that our genes aren’t even in charge of themselves.


We all know that computer hardware (processor, RAM, motherboard, etc.) is important, but that the software that runs the show. Well it appears that our genes are like the hardware. Something else runs the show.

That something else is our epigenome, our epigentic tags (“epi” meaning just above as in “epidermis” or “epicenter”). The tags are chemicals that turn particular genes on and off, telling cells what they’re supposed to be–liver, skin, brain.

Furthermore, researchers think they the tags can change through a number of means, including what we eat. For example, you can take two identical set of genes for hair and, with tags, change hair color.

Research has also shown the epigenome can be passed down to posterity. So what you eat and its effect on you can be passed down to your posterity. Likewise, what you are is what your parents and maybe grandparents ate.

Genes are only a part of the story.

Holy heck, this is so cool. Watch the 12 minute video now.

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