Servant of a Dark God in Italian!

For all you Italian speakers, SERVANT OF A DARK GOD was published in Italy by Gruppo Editoriale Armenia for the 2011 holiday season. Here’s the cover.


Don’t mess with the man in black!

If you speak Italian, here’s the publisher’s page for it:

Do you know how cool it is to think somebody in Italy is reading about Hunger and Sugar and the gang?

Viva Italia!

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2 Responses to Servant of a Dark God in Italian!

  1. augusta fick says:

    You might be interested in reading this article. A large percentage of Europeans speak English and want to read books by English and American authors. However, they prefer to read the books translated in their own languages. It’s a great opportunity for American writers. Here’s the link:

  2. John Brown says:

    Thanks for the link, Augusta. Interesting article.