Suckling pig

This from a gal I know who’s been touring Spain…

I ate a quarter of a suckling pig today. I feel like a monster for eating such a young animal; a rotund, content, sleepily sluggish, well fed monster.

If you’re going to kill an animal, kill it when it’s young. It so much more barbaric that way…

And she sends along these pictures.

Is that not the voice of a character speaking to you?

Zing, Baby!

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3 Responses to Suckling pig

  1. Sara Genge says:

    I’m not touring Spain, I live here. I guess you imagine what that means: I’m a monster on a daily basis and I intend to keep it up.

    Yummy yummy pigglets. Not to speak of suckling lamb…

    The picks aren’t by me, I ripped them off the interwebs somewhere. But you get the idea of just how crunchy and evil eating pigglet feels like.

  2. John Brown says:


    Sounds like it feels evilicious.

    I didn’t know you LIVED in Spain. How wonderful!

  3. Sara Genge says:

    Evilicious is now my second favorite word after clusterf- – – – -.

    See you around!