Faithful Readers, Nominate Awful Intent for the Whitneys before Dec 31st!

Awful-Intent-originalSend Frank, Sheriff Hood, and the Knitters of Death club to kick some award patootie!

Here’s how: go to: and click “Nominate” at the top.

Enter a bit of info and boom! But this needs to happen before December 31st.

The Whitney Awards are open for the public to nominate books they think are great and which are written by LDS authors (this is where your voice is heard, Faithful Reader). Those books that get at least 5 nominations are read and rated by a panel of judges. The judges then send on the finalists in each category to the Academy for voting.

Servant won an award in 2009. Awful Intent is doing well, and if the reviews piling up are any indication, it could win another.

Please take a few moments to send Frank to kick some award patootie.

It’s time for Frank to bring home a trophy.

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