Map for Servant of a Dark God by Isaac Stewart

Check it out.  “The Clan Lands of Whitecliff” by Isaac Stewart. I think he’s done a great job.  Here’s the full PDF. BTW, this is not the map that will appear in the book. That one’s being done by another artist selected by Tor. This is one I commissioned when I got my book contract.


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2 Responses to Map for Servant of a Dark God by Isaac Stewart

  1. Hezekiah says:

    John, you must be so stoked. I think that’s so awesome. Bless you and your hopefully best-selling book! May I ask how many copies TOR plans to print?

    • John Brown says:

      Best-selling would be great. But I’m hoping for slow and steady. I haven’t heard the final decisions on print run size yet. I do suspect it will be more than the average first novel since my deal was for more than the average, but who knows with the current economy.