Slides for my LDStorymakers Presentations

I loved attending the LDStorymakers conference this year. It was awesome, fun. I chatted with old friends and met new ones.  Got (stole) a great story idea from Donald Carey, the Conference King. Enjoyed Provo–love the weather down there this time of year! Attended some great presentations on writing. Gave some that seemed to help a number of folks. It’s a special delight to deliver a presentation that both entertains and helps. Furthermore, my family came down with me. So I got to hang out with them in the evenings. My daughters sneaked into the mass booksigning and got autographs from some of their favorite authors.  They were giddy with delight.

It was bliss.

I also worked with Isaac Stewart on a mock up of the new cover for SERVANT, and dude. DUDE.  If we can swing it, the covers for the Blacksword Books version are going to rock.

Anyway, I promised many people I would post my presentation slides here. Here they are in PDF format:

Vivid and Clear

Story Turns

And for those of you in the Story Turns class wanting that fine car chase clip, here it is!

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8 Responses to Slides for my LDStorymakers Presentations

  1. Dave D says:

    Thanks for posting these, John. As always, a terrific resource.

  2. John Brown says:

    Glad to be of help 🙂

  3. Story Turns was one of the best presentations I’ve attended over the years and definitely my favorite this year at the conference. Thank you!! I’ve posted a link from my FB page so others can see your presentation.

  4. I wish I’d attended your Vivid and Clear presentation. I can see the PDF but I don’t understand all of it. Any chance you’ll do some posts about it? Present it again some time?

  5. John Brown says:


    So glad to hear the presentation helped! That was a fun one.

    The Vivid and Clear one was a blast as well. I think it might have gone even better. The problem is I’m so booked right now I can’t tell when or if I might post about it. And posting my notes won’t make it more clear either.

    I’ve been invited to the League of Utah Writers conference in the fall, but I think they wanted Story Turns. If I have time in Feb, I might offer to do it for LTUE. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, dang it.

    There’s got to be some way to find someone who attended to get their notes. Let’s see if someone drops in here and fills in the blanks.

    If not, I might have to do a post. I’d much rather record it. But again–time!

  6. I’ll keep checking back. I hate it when I go to a conference and find out that I missed an awesome class I really needed. I do have the notes from the syllabus. I’m loving your blog. I just finished the Developing Story posts. Great stuff! Your posts just make so much sense to me. Thanks!

  7. John,
    Thank you for all of the wonderful information at LDS Storymakers! I learned a lot and then I went home and shared it with my kids and now every movie I watch and every book I read I find myself saying there’s a story turn…out loud. They laugh. Good times, very good times!

  8. John Brown says: